After my sessions with Dalia I feel that everything I want to do is possible. During her coaching sessions she provides me with the space to express and create with action steps to support my mission. I feel so energized and empowered.

- Nadine

I booked a private yoga session with Dalia

and she tailored the session to include breathwork, chakra balancing, and reiki in addition to yoga, which was so much more than what I expected to get from the 1-hour I spent with her. She even identified a minor health issue that I was dealing with which I did not tell her about during the reiki session too!

- Mayumi

Dalia always paves the way for me to look deeply into my inner self in my quest for peace and tranquility. Her energy is an eye opener and a blessing to experience. I’m always grateful to have Dalia by my side whenever i feel the need for a boost in my self worthiness and well being.

- Frank

"I did the inner child healing workshop with Dalia and it was one of the best sessions in my healing journey thus far. I'm still living by the methods Dalia introduced us to and after struggling for a very long time, this workshop had a strong breakthrough effect for me spiritually and emotionally. I'm so grateful."

- Eman

"I can genuinely tell you that my experience in working with Dalia was extremely powerful & healing. I came out of it feeling like my life is in my hands, & like those hands will not fail me. I look forward to putting into practice the tools I learned from the Inner Child Healing workshop, and seeing the magic that will come out of it."

- J

"Every session is life changing. There's so much that I'm discovering about myself, and Dalia has helped me overcome so many challenges."​

- Nuhad

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