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This 369 manifestation journal includes everything you need to activate the law of attraction in your life. Keep this journal and use it as the soil to plant your manifestations. The sacred numbers 369 will help drive you forward on your manifesting journey, as you will become aligned with the rhythm of the universe. This manifesting journal provides you easy-to-use pages laying out the 369 method in a clear, concise, and organized way. Most importantly, it keeps you on track every day to experience the love and alignment you so deserve.

369 Journal Includes:

  • 93 Days of 369 Journaling
  • Examples of how to use the 369 method
  • An explanation of 369 and its numerical significance
  • List of manifestation ideas to inspire you
  • Self Care Menu
  • Powerful Affirmations

The Most Powerful 369 Method:

  • Write down your intention 3 times in the morning. Let it go and go on about your day.
  • Go back to it in the afternoon, and write it down 6 more times. Visualize it, imagine it, feel it, and let it go!
  • Before you go to sleep, write it down once again 9 times! That way you can go into a positive dream state and manifest your dreams into a reality.
  • Continue to do this process for a span of 93 days or until it comes true.
  • Express gratitude and thank the universe.

369 Manifesting Journal: A 93 Day Guided Workbook

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